Are You the Writer (Do you have a team?) writing servicesA question that I frequently receive from prospective clients is, “Are you the writer, or do you have a team?”

This question has baffled me from time to time. In fact, I brought it to the table in a recent mastermind call.

Here is the compiled (and paraphrased) response from the mastermind group, “You are the writer that the client requested. They know and like your writing style. They don’t want to blindly pay for the services of a writer that they don’t know (and likely has a different writing style, background, etc.)”.

Despite the excitement that I had as I entertained the idea of hiring a back-up writer—my initial thoughts were that I could act as their editor, I decided to not pursue an assistant to do the actual writing.

BUT, since my entire goal is to save time in the writing process, without losing any amount of quality, an assistant will help with initial research.

So … my answer to the question, “Are you the writer?” is yes. Do you have a team? I do collaborate with a couple of experienced people when clients request blog packages which include more than writing, such as, graphics and social media posts. An assistant helps me gather information—research topics, keywords, and competition from time to time.

Side note: Mastermind groups are enormously helpful to small business owners. Instant peer feedback is priceless. Also, I’ve embraced this valuable thought for many years, “What you don’t know, you don’t know.” We don’t always see the possibilities. When we collaborate with other small business owners, we gain the gift of fresh perspective and clarity from others.

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