untitledReliance Outsourcing is owned and operated by me, Mary Humphrey.

My portfolio is filled 38 years of financial experience which includes full-charge bookkeeping, loan coordination and financial management, small business ownership, and I am an authorpreneur (a self-published author of four books, with additional projects in the works).

I love numbers. Yes, I proudly call myself a geek. I get excited over fulfilling the financial and office administrative needs of my clients with efficiency and resolve.

I embrace serving others, building trust, and providing advice and consulting.

My accounting office experience includes all of the basics of a full-charge bookkeeper as outlined in my post, “A Good Bookkeeper is More Than“, as well as: human resources – from payroll to insurance management, interviewing and hiring, social media, training, accounting software (QuickBooks, Peachtree), and Microsoft Word and Excel.

The good news does not totally involve me, though, what I do is truly geared towards my clients — I use my expertise to complete what business owners worry about after hours (when there aren’t enough hours in the day to wrap the day up with a sense of peace). How can I get my financial books in order? How do I write that series of blog posts? How do I keep up with social media when I have no time to do it? I don’t like to write, but I am full of ideas…how do I do it?

Contact us. We’ll chat on the phone to discuss your needs, with no hidden obligation, and at no cost to you.


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