Today’s Mom and Pop Stores

Maybe you do, maybe you don’t remember mom and pop stores. You may have one in business today in your neighborhood.

What I particularly remember about a handful of mom and pop stores that I frequented in my youth were the ambiance of smiling faces behind the service counters. The cleanliness.The trust.

I always chose the mom and pop stores over the chain stores. Why? The personal experience — warmth and comfort.

Many of us operate online businesses. We seem to have steered away from the mom and pop facade, but have we? Not completely, and we don’t have to follow suit.

Do you want to enter the doors of an online store or business and see it as fresh and clean (crisp, modern, easy on the eyes), friendly, honest, and do you want to hand your money and trust over to people that you know will be there for you. Of course you do.

Do you want to give business to people that support other people. People that aren’t clamoring on top of each other to make that extra dollar. Instead, people that are focused on you — the customer — the number one reason they are in business to begin with?

Mom and pop, live on. Be your honest self.

Better yet, don’t worry about being yourself. Forget all of that nonsense. Just be. Honest. Dedicated. Steadfast. Just be.

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