Our Product Packages

We offer full-charge bookkeeping products, but here’s the scoop — every single client has unique needs. One client may need a simple billing system, another may require a method of tracking shipping, billing, and inventory. Another client may be looking for payroll only. Some of our clients request that we set up an initial bookkeeping system and then they take the maintenance over after the start-up (or we manage the system ongoing). Social media packages are also an option, as well as writing projects. Do you need email support? Our products are individualized and flexible, because no two businesses are exactly alike.

Our initial free consultation, which is held one-on-one over the phone, helps identify your needs, and helps either of us to determine if we are a good business to business match. Contact us to set up a no strings attached call.

Our packages include:

Hourly Rate – By-the-hour rate for one-time-only, general, or non-complicated tasks. To ensure our focus is as it should be, we prefer to offer full-charge “regular” bookkeeping through service or hours package rates.

Project Rate – By the project flat-rate for a single, or an agreed to set of projects. 50% up-front payment is required.

Retainer Rate – A package of hours is paid up front (reserved) for a month, or for a certain number of hours for future months. A completed time sheet is supplied to our clients on a monthly basis. Retained hours carry over until they are exhausted. Example: client needs a bookkeeper for 20 hours per month for ongoing services agreed to (month by month). These hours are renewed and invoiced monthly (or on a regular billing plan).

Service Package Rate – Client pays up front for a package of services. Once the services are paid for, we complete the project no matter how much time is spent.

Hours Package Rate – A package of hours is purchased up-front and are used to the client’s discretion. Timesheets are kept and the client is notified when the hours are nearly exhausted. Additional hours may be purchased at that time, but are not renewed/billed automatically (as with the retainer rate).

We offer managerial roles as well, from consultation to management of certain tasks and areas in your business, including people. Again, these types of products are discussed in our initial consultation and pricing is quoted accordingly.