How it Works

Our business focus is bookkeeping. We also offer traditional administrative services, social media, and writing: short article ghost writing, blogging, and editing.

How does bookkeeping work in a virtual environment?

  • Scan documents to Google drive (or a similar application), or, scan and save as PDF documents and email or fax to us
  • QuickBooks (online QuickBooks application), or bookkeeping application of your choice

We utilize QuickBooks in our office. If our client does not have a QuickBooks program, the bookkeeping options are:

  • We complete the client’s bookkeeping via our desktop in-office secure QuickBooks program. We provide accounting reports for the client via email or fax
  • We complete the client’s bookkeeping via our client’s choice of application

What are administrative services? This is a tough question to answer because each business has different needs. Administrative services can include email management, scheduling and calendar management, research, and the list literally goes on.

Administrative services may also include billing and collections. Some of our clients prefer services in these specific areas, rather than full-charge bookkeeping.

Most projects can be completed virtually as long as a file or application is accessible online.

We customize our virtual bookkeeping and administrative services to our client’s needs, so please contact us for a free non-obligated phone call to assess your needs.