Goal Setting Beyond the New Year

goal setting www/relianceoutsourcing.comWhere are you with obtaining your goals and aspirations today?

Are you where you want to be with your business, personal, or other intentions?

Many of us set goals at the end of the year—in an effort to begin the new year with a fresh start. This is a good starting point, but unfortunately unless there are solid check points in place, the achievement of our goals dwindle away as the months float by.

Specific goal setting must go hand-in-hand with exact planning and implementation.

For each goal:

  1. Determine an “achieve by” date
  2. Determine stopping points to review progress (monthly, weekly, or daily)
  3. Record these check-in dates (electronically—in an app, in a paper planner, in an inexpensive notebook…on paper)
  4. Commit to checking your progress as scheduled, and ensure action is being taken for each goal

So, let’s look at an example of a goal. You want to finish writing and self-publish your book in the next 4 months. This would be the outline of your steps in obtaining your goal:

  • Determine and record the “finish by” date
  • Record each specific step of the book that you must complete (write/proof/edit/obtain cover/submit to self-publisher)
  • Break the complete-by time frame down into monthly increments—which will be your check-in points. Ask yourself, where do I need to be at each monthly check in?
  • In order to obtain your  monthly goals, what do you need to do weekly? Daily? How often will you working on the book (especially if not daily)? How many hours/minutes can you devote to the book each day? Make a record of your weekly and daily goals.
  • Make yourself accountable. Who is your support person? Choose someone that will not let you off the hook. If you aren’t where you are supposed to be at your weekly or monthly check-ins, the person you have chosen (and has agreed to do this—ask them beforehand) must not sugar-coat their reaction to any lack of momentum you might share with them. On the other hand, celebrate some of the set points you successfully reach! Remember: when you are achieving your goals, celebration isn’t designed just for the end!

Where are you today with your goals for 2017? We are beyond mid-year (yes…already)!


National Be On Purpose Month


National Be On Purpose Month fits right into my chain of thinking.

Many of us turn over a new leaf in January. We exercise, eat healthier, set new goals, and overall we feel energized to start a new year. So, why not fire it off with Be On Purpose Month?

When I saw the Be On Purpose title, it plopped me back down in the middle of a thought that has rolled around in my head for several months. Be real. Just be.

We are busy people. I am not sure what we are trying to accomplish when we barrel down the highway at break-neck speeds, while shouting angry obscenities at the person in front of us, who by the way, is cruising right at the speed limit. Or, we become irritated standing in the grocery store line because it might shave an extra 10 minutes off of our day. So, why not have someone hand-pick and bag your groceries so all you have to do is run into the store, or drive through a lane to pick the goods up? This will allow you to…well…be busier!

Living on purpose, in my estimation, goes being just being. Purpose is summed up in two definitions: the reason for which something is created, or someone’s intention or objective.

Logically, I have no intention of hurrying, or being busier. I embrace the intention to live my life the best that I can live it, not based on my circumstances, but based on who I am and what I was designed for. I am a wife, mother, business owner, grandmother, and a person that loves nature, reading, writing, and (shhh!) numbers (hence the bookkeeping). Where does being purposely busy fit in? Exactly. It does not.

Intentional living, being who we are, notice the word intentional (not just being).

Just be.

Scratch off being on purpose for one month. Be on purpose this year. Scratch that, be on purpose.

I am on it.