9 Time Management Tips

As a Virtual Assistant, my most important 9 Time Management Tipsintentions wrap around time management.

When you own your own business, there is no lee-way for lack of organization.

I juggle multiple clients, and various types of projects, and this is what I am mindful of with my own time management:

  1. Have a system in place. I love Trello for project management and general list making. I also use this app when I have ideas for personal and business growth—I list the action steps out as a checklist. I use a paper planner as well. There are just so many needs that run off in different directions, and sometimes paper is better. Whatever works for you—have a planning and tracking system in place.
  2. Schedule your time. Use a digital calendar or a paper calendar, either way. I schedule time off, time for production, and I separate my time by client.
  3. Schedule the completion of tasks or projects in a manner that is most productive for you. Schedule difficult items for the time of day, or even the day of week, when you are most alert. Knock out the most complicated of projects when you are at your optimal speed—full of brain power.
  4. Do not allow interruptions! Make sure your loved-ones, co-workers, whoever, know that your work time is blocked off for production.
  5. Do not slip off to social media when you have task or project time on the calendar. Social media is a whirlpool that that can suck you down under. Time can never be retrieved once it’s pulled away!
  6. Keep a note-taking system on hand at all times. I love to leave verbal messages on my phone for myself. I also carry a small notebook with me. Once a day, transfer your ideas to a planner (or an app, Trello, paper planner, etc.). This allows you to brain dump these ideas, allowing them to remain fresh—to be used at a later time or day. You don’t have to remember everything!
  7. Identify your time wasters. What do you do that you can do more efficiently, or eliminate?
  8. What can you delegate? Who can help you at home, at work, or in your business (an on-site assistant virtual)?
  9. Plan off-site time for yourself. Pencil in your break, and stay away from your desk, social media, studying, thinking about work or your business during your time! This is an absolute path to rejuvenation of your mind.

What are your time management tricks? Share with us!

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