Virtual Assistants are Powerful Team Members

What is the difference between one time task management  in comparison to the role of a Virtual assistants are powerful team memberslong-term virtual assistant (VA)?

I see my role as a virtual assistant as a team member, so I will base my answer to this question on my personal thoughts and opinions.

A team member consistently has their eyes focused on the betterment of the business (both their own business and the client’s business). This equates to looking beyond the task at hand. The VA role is better defined as an off-site manager. A valuable manager does this:

  • Personal Proficiency – Possesses personal qualities that make him/her effective. Possesses and uses social skills, ethical behaviors, and emotional intelligence.
  • Strategy – Adjusts to varied business needs as needed. Properly responds to challenges and/or emergencies. Prudent decision maker. Involves and asks for the client’s involvement with grace and precise common sense.
  • Executes – Delivers as promised. Makes things happen. Backs up their own word with actions taken.
  • Manages People – This depends on the VA’s role, but, every VA must be razor sharp with the handling of clients, customers, and this is reflected in verbal and written skills.
  • Accountability Model – Always present. Now, this doesn’t mean a VA is present 24/7 — no, no and no — but the VA is reasonably present and always responsive. When a VA is contracted in, they aren’t simply a paper or online spreadsheet pusher (for example), they become a thinker, and this goes beyond the task at hand. Open eyes, open ears, and (hopefully) a client that is open to hearing recommendations.

So, there are the qualities of a virtual assistant (VA) beyond the one-time task at hand. There’s plenty enough VA’s that work for the completion of one-time tasks. They are out there – available. Many of us, though, have the drive to go beyond!

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