Are You An Organized Small Business Owner?

organize small biz www.relianceoutsourcing.comDonna Maria Johnson, CEO of Indie Business Network, said to me, “You are organized.” Yes, I am. I go nuts when I feel I am wading through chaos. Chaos does not produce clarity.

She asked me how often I check my email. I replied,”You would be surprised.” Not much of an answer? Later, I thought about my response. I do have a system.

As small business owners we cannot watch our phones and tablets all day long. We cannot afford to not pay attention to our email, but we should never check it continually, or as the whim strikes.

Here is the scoop, everything that we do can be maximized. So, you do not want to miss important emails? Use one particular email address for your “hot” items. Or, use several email addresses for different systems or products that you have in place. Even if you don’t do this, set a schedule to check your email. If you insist on checking email twice a day, then schedule in the time to do so. at any other time!

Social media is another example where we are able to maximize time. Applications that social media to be scheduled are excellent. Unless you have the time to sit at the screen and post social media updates all day long (who does?), use the tools that are at your fingertips — automated and scheduled social media. Show up in person on social media at scheduled times. Don’t let Facebook or Pinterest drain hours off of your day. Set the timer for 5 or 10 minutes, or less. Do the job, whatever needs to be done on social media, and leave.

Stay organized. If we aren’t organized, we know nothing. We do not function. Take the time to plan, strategize and maximize working hours. When we don’t focus, nothing gets accomplished except confusion and frustration. Start a planner, grab some colorful folders, markers, whatever it takes to lift up and motivate! Do not rely on memory. I love using a ringed binder for a planner. When a new idea strikes me, I write it down. When the focus shifts, or when a phone call needs to be added in, I change the schedule. I use small “sticky” notes in a pinch, but at the end of the day my small notes are shredded and the important notes are written into appropriate places in my planner (the schedule – today, tomorrow, and next week, biz ideas for the future, writing ideas, etc.). I also use several small white boards. When I want something to stick in my head, I write it on a board. It stays there, close-by and visible, until it becomes habit!

What is your purpose? Why do you do what you do? Do you serve others? I hope you answered yes to this, and remember this is your key focus. If you are organized, you will serve others with a sense of, “I love what I do,” rather than, “I cannot do another thing, and I am not sure I can do this at all.”Let your joy shine, entrepreneurs, solo-preneurs, micro-preneurs, and author-preneurs! Make ’em wear sunglasses!


1 thought on “Are You An Organized Small Business Owner?

  1. Organization is so important to a small business owner. I am definitely a fan of having more than one email address. I use one strictly for business and another for everything else. I try not to spend too much time in the everything box.

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