There’s Small Biz Power in Pickles

small biz pickles www.relianceoutsourcing.comYou can’t depend entirely on someone else for an income.

You can keep the day job, but the smart thing is to own several income streams.

A hobby easily turns into a business. Make soap. Sew aprons (a seriously popular item). Build websites. Create graphics. Teach your hobby, or craft, to someone else.

I’ll go back and scratch off the word can’t from my first sentence. You can depend upon someone else for income, but what if that one thing goes away?

I recently purchased a jar of pickles. Trust me, I paid way too much for this jar of pickles. I plopped down close to $5.00 more than I would for a name-brand jar in a grocery store.

Here’s the deal. The pickles are attractive. Yes, I said that. The pickles contain garlic gloves and pepper flakes, and they look like something straight out of my grandmother’s cellar (less the label).

The most important thing is, these pickles are handpicked, handpacked, and this beyond middle-aged woman stood outside in the heat to sell her wares. This is handmade to the max. What else? I adored the woman’s bright purple embroidered Mexican dress.

She grabbed a paper plate, opened an ice chest, and didn’t skip a beat. She barely took a breath as she placed one pickle sample after another on the plate, describing each one as if we were attending a pickle party. I was impressed with her salesmanship, right there in a roadside stand on a hot arid central Texas day.

Yes, pickles can be an income stream. Why not?

Do you buy from small businesses? Think about it.

The pickle lady insisted on having me try her fig bread. Talk about yummy! I didn’t purchase any bread because I was well into the double digit dollars with my jar of pickles and two tomatoes (that didn’t come from her garden…most likely from Mexico). Still, this little fruit stand was her small business and I liked knowing that my money went directly into her pocket that day. She was one enthusiastic woman!

What does this have to do with multiple income streams?

Small business, creativity, enthusiasm, and unlimited ways to make money…and to put a smile on someone else’s face while doing it.



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