Social Media, Why?

Social Media

Today, we have Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, and more at our disposal. The list of social media platforms grows and changes, seemingly, by the day.

Why is social media such a big part of our lives and businesses? #1 reason, we like to connect. Social = genial, pleasurable, civil, informative, and hospitable. Media = internet, radio, television, newspaper, journalism, and news. The three key words to join here are genial + informative + internet = information received through a warm, friendly and cordial method, through an online presence.

Through this online presence we develop community, friends, networking, and if we own a business we advertise and build our brand. We gain followers through our genuine and informative social media platforms.

I owned a company where I made goat milk soaps and lotions. When I was lax on social media, my sales dropped off. When I followed a strict blog post and social media schedule, my sales increased. When I sent out a newsletter, my in-box filled with orders. I loved what I did, and I enjoyed sharing with my customers and followers. Books sales are much the same. The more I talk, the more I share, the more books I sell.

For many of us, we run into trouble scheduling time to post on social media, or perhaps we want to be involved with some other aspect of our businesses, anything other than put together social media updates.

The stark reality of social media…think about how many times a friend/co-worker/loved one has said, “Did you see (such and such) on Facebook?” “I saw the coolest thing on Pinterest last week, I think I am going to buy (or try) it!” How many people have phones in their hands today, at this minute? How many people are online? How many people shop online rather than head to the mall? If we own a business,  we cannot afford to not partake in social media — our platform, our online presence is vital.

There are several actions that we can take to improve our social media presence. I have done all of these successfully, except for the final suggestion (and that is only because I love to write):

  • Schedule one full day a month for social media updates (schedule automated social media posts), and briefly log onto social media accounts several times a day to make a live presence.
  • Time your online presence. Literally set a stop watch or an alarm and do not spend any additional time “chatting” online. Remember, this is business, and this is a means to market and build your brand.
  • Select the best social media platforms that suit you or your business’s needs. Unless your job or business is social media, and nothing more, it is literally impossible to adequately stay on top of an account in each and every social media platform available. Select what fits your needs, 2 or 3 (4 at the most), and focus only on those that you selected.
  • Jot down notes as you go through your day. Literally, do not go anywhere without a small notepad, or use the recorder on your phone. When I think of something inspiring, down on paper it goes. Take short and concise notes, and you’ll always have something to post about.
  • Outsource your social media work. I offer social media as a product, as a part of my business, and there are others out there for hire that write blog posts, send out newsletters, and update social media posts as well. Remember the old saying, “I don’t do windows.” Well, social media is much like that, if you don’t do windows, someone else can do it for you.

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